What If Brands Were Honest? – 18 hilarious taglines by team M.O.M!

We asked – What If Brands Were Honest? This is Team Mad over Marketing’s take. 
Disclaimer – We are seriously joking.

the-buddy-projectChannel V – Shows for rebellious teenagers

Fevicol – You know you like to smell us

Idea – Keeping Abhishek Bachhan employed, since 2010

Polo – No one can eat just one

Facebook – Refresh all you want, ain’t nothing gonna happen!


Nokia – Connected people – once upon a time


images (1)
Dhoom Series – Bollywood’s Rajiv Gandhi Employment Scheme

Vicco Bajradanti – The Ultimate Karaoke song

IRCTC – Booking done as fast as your travel time


Ashish Nehra – Making 9gag profitable


images (8)
Skype – Because getting a room is expensive

images (7)
Whatsapp – Classroom Survival Kit

images (2)
Lays – 90% air, 10% fat

download (1)
Starbucks – Thank you Instagram, for making us popular in India


images (3)
Manforce – Ads that make you cringe during family time shows


Kurkure – Because Lays isn’t available


images (4)
LinkedIn – Add people but never talk to them


images (5)
Gatorade – Hangover Cure

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