5 Taglines that make you go Whaaaaaa?


  1. Finger Lickin’ GoodUntitled

I am assuming a wave of sexuality poured across burger makers when they created their taglines. First and foremost ofcourse is KFC’s Finger Lickin’ Good. All the three words guide my very imaginative brain towards directions they didn’t (or did they?) intend to. A) Finger – Well. As Vidya Balan claimed in a Koffee episode, women love it, want it and need it as much as men do. Enough said. B) Lickin’ –  The silent G actually adds to the sexuality. Imagine Kate Upton say Lickin’ and then imagine her say Licking, obviously the former is more appealing. C) Good – The word individually seems ‘good’, but when prefixed with finger and lickin’, good becomes bad and just goes ahead to clarify how satisfying the experience is. Move towards Mcdonald’s I’m Lovin’ it. Why? Why the silent Gs. What is it with the G-spot?

  1. Dobara mat poochna

The advertisement went viral. There were sequels to the advertisement as well. But as a 23 year old, with two academic degrees, I still don’t understand the purpose of the message. The ad shows a paanwala give a customer a chlormint instead of 50 paisa change. The unknowing customer asks ‘Bhaiya, hum chlor-mint kyon khaate hai?’ The shop owner turns into Hulk and bashes him before dunking him into a pot of water. ‘Dobata mat poochna’. It’s like – let’s spend a whole lot of money into buying prime time ad space on tv and tell to all the people who want to know why they should buy a Chlor- Mint, to Fuck Off.

  1. Ras Barsega


Enter : Katrina Kaif. Shot : A drop of slice on her lower lip. Tagline : Ras Barsega

The team at Slice is getting naughtier with each ad. I never understood what they meant to communicate. Ras Barsega loosely translated in English means, The juice will fall. Which juices are we talking about here? Why is it falling? And as we talk about this, why is there a drop of juice on Katrina Kaif’s lower lip? Slice could have emphasized on the taste, they could have emphasized on the natural-ity, or perhaps the fact that it refreshes you, but No, we signed in Katrina Kaif and we somehow have to make this whole thing dirty and pervy. After all since when were mangoes a clean topic anyway.

  1. Daag ache hainvgdbr


Since when?! Tell that to Berta from Two and a Half Men who cleaned Charlie Harper’s sheets. Tell that to mothers whose kids wet their beds. Tell that to wives whose husbands drool on the pillow. Tell that to hosts whose guests eat like George from the Jungle. The idea of a detergent that can clean stains is NOT to appreciate the stain causing activity! The problem is that Surf thinks that stains are caused only by children playing football in the rainy season.

  1. Munh mein Rajnigandha, kadmo mein duniyagf

So you want to be successful? You are in luck! Eat a cancer causing agent every day and you will have the world at your feet in no time! Stained teeth is obviously no deterrent to success. And the amazing fragrance that you will stink of, it will draw women to you like butterflies.

9 thoughts on “5 Taglines that make you go Whaaaaaa?

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  8. Well actually these are hilarious. ButI think you got the interpretation all wrong…

    Let me start with KFC
    You think they didn’t realise it was a double meaning. Of course they did. And that’s precisely why KFC hit it off big time. Not only did it give a clear cut message of how the product tastes, it ignites the dirty mind as well. And come on, everyone digs dirty.

    Chlormint: Well the fun part of the ad is they pointed out that people are stupid to ask why do we eat chlormint. And what message does it make to the public?
    That they are supposed to know. Chlormint is something that is so famous and its uses are so obvious that everyone knows what it is for.
    It doesn’t matter if it has no purpose, it doesn’t matter if it tastes bad, it doesn’t matter in any way at all. What it does is, it makes the general public think that when everyone knows what it is for, you should know and have it too. and it worked well for them.

    Slice: As you said, having a mango was never really a clean affair. It was supposed to be messy. But how about making the messy dirty. How about making comparing the fact that having a mango is equally pleasurable as having a sexy time with a beautiful girl (for the guys) and it is an orgasmic ideal (for the girls). Once the public is given this message, they are bound to go for it.

    Surf Excel: What they say isn’t daag achhe hain. They say, “Agar daag lagne se kuchh achha hota hain to daag achhe hain”
    Thats the clean and clear message. On the face. As fpr the tag line, well who wouldn’t be interested to see why a detergent company is saying DAAG ACHHE HAIN when what they should be telling is they can remove stains. They show that a kid getting stain on their clothes is due to playing football, or punishing the mud for hurting someone…. They never said that if your kid wets the bed, anything good comes out of it.

    Finally Rajnigandha:
    I guess you know what surrogate marketing is. Else it defeats the purpose of explaining. And Rajnigandha has executed it to perfection. You know rajnigandha as a carcinogen. But that is not what they advertise.What they advertise is a mouth freshner. It says, when you have the mouth freshener, you are fit and fresh to take on the world. I know it still sounds stupid maybe, but try advertising for a product which is banned for advertising, eg, tobacco or alchohol.

    These are just my comments on the topic. How I felt it should have been interpreted.

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