Procter & Gamble wouldn’t have existed if the founders had decided to stay bachelors


Englishman William Procter and Irishman James Gamble were destined to be at odds. From historically warring countries, they both settled in Cincinnatti, Procter as a candlemaker and Gamble as a soapmaker. They had to compete for the same materials, and the success of one would likely lead to the failure of the other. Love, however, has a way of working things out.

Both married into the Norris family, Procter to Olivia and Gamble to Elizabeth. The father of the Norris sisters, Alexander Norris, arranged a meeting between the two and convinced them to go into business together. Out of this union came Procter & Gamble, now one of the largest companies in the world – one that wouldn’t exist if not for the founders marrying sisters.

Source: Eden Barak

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