Top 8 Friendship Advertisements Ever! These will bring a smile to your faces :)

1. Google Reunion

This ad had cross border friendship, where tech savvy kids unite their grandparents using Google products and services. The movie-like storyline, and some really good acting made this a classic friendship advertisement.

2. Budweiser

One of the most popular ads from the previous Superbowl, this ad showed as that friendship just isn’t limiited to humans. It’s titled puppy love!

3. Coca Cola Friendly Twist

This was a masterstroke from Coke. Only a few months old, this ad went viral very fast. A coke bottle which can be opened only by using another coke bottle. Best wingman ever, we said.

4. Coca Cola Friendship Machine

Another piece of awesomeness from Coke. A really tall vending machine, two friends and two cans of coke 🙂

5. Airtel

This song went on to become one of the most loved jingles. Kids had it as their caller tunes, everyone remembered the lyrics, and the song went down in friendship folklore. ‘Har ek friend zaroori hota hai’.

6. Guiness

A hidden gem. Not a lot have seen this ad, especially in India. Wait till the very end.

7. Carlsberg Friendship Test Prank

Beer relies on friendship a lot in their advertisements, and this one took it to another level altogether. A prank on your friend to test his/her friendship. Watch it!

8. Vodafone – Little things you do for me

Much like Airtel’s jingle, we love the song in this ad more than anything.

We hope you enjoyed our list, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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