Here’s Why Minimalistic Ads Are The Next Big Thing In Advertising.

Less is more. That’s apparently the mantra all ad gurus are living by of late. The dhinchak print ads are now passe. This is the era of sober minimal design, minimal text print ads, where less is more. The idea and the concept has gained higher importance, than the the amount of information or the loudness of the print ad. Many say, it isn’t the next big thing, it is already here. If you aren’t going minimal, then you are getting left behind in the race. It’s no more an innovation, it’s now a requirement.

Zomato is the biggest example of brilliant minimal designing. They have come up with some really beautiful graphics which have taken over the social media. Click on the text to read :
(Zomato’s Two Kinds of People CampaignZomato’s Times Are Changing Campaign, and their latest)

In the wake of excessive digital marketing, where good content goes viral, marketers are keen to dive onto this ship and get it going. Here’s some of the minimal advertising that has been creating massive waves in the industry.


Kit Kat created a huge impact with this advertisement, just showing a pause sign with it’s chocolate sticks. Reinforcing the tagline, have a break, have a KitKat!


So little said in the ad below, but so much communicated. It looks the same, but it isn’t the same.


Our favourite, Durex.


This was genius, wasn’t it.


These ones below created a lot of murmur on social media when it was released. A very novel idea, of how one little thing can change our inferences and how we look at things. Teaches us a thing or two about stereotyping too, doesn’t it.



This one is our favourite. There couldn’t be a better way for Playboy to depict the difference between 1975 and 2006. Oh Playboy!

And some ads are colour coded with legends.


Talk about marketing, and Mcdonald’s doesn’t show up? Naaah.



That was it! We hope you enjoyed reading the article and got some insight into current trends.

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