IKEA’s New Ads Comes With A Humorous Twist


According to ad agency ‘Thjnk’ 10% of Europeans were conceived on an IKEA product. To illustrate this astonishing fact, they created a series of humorous ‘family tree’ ads for the Swedish furniture giant.

In each ad, it maps a different family tree—showing where each generation was conceived. For some, they were made on IKEA beds, while others were produced on washing machines, tables and sinks.

The tagline for the campaign: “Where family starts”.


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2 thoughts on “IKEA’s New Ads Comes With A Humorous Twist

    • Ikea’s new advertisements come.
      Ikea’s new advertisements comes.

      Here, “ads” is plural; they were right the first time.
      Please undo the change.
      Go f*ck yourself Shaan.
      I’ll be happy to elaborate on the grammar if needed.


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