8 Brilliant Cricket Themed Ads Made By Amul!

Amul is an advertising genius, always pouncing on contemporary events and coming up with a winning one-liner. Here are some of the best ads themed on cricket that Amul won our hearts with!

1. The one when Sachin and Sehwag were destroying opponents.


2. The one where Lagaan went to the oscars.


3. The one where Anushka Sharma was being blamed for Kohli’s bad form in England


4. The one where Sachin went to Don Bradman’s 90th birthday.



5. The one when Yuvi was diagnosed with cancer.


6. The one with the Monkey-gate scandal.image_title_6e6rq7. The one when Sachin was stuck on 99 Hundreds for a year




8. The one when Sachin got that elusive Hundredth Hundred

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