Nescafe Nailed It With Ra Ra Ra Rishi, But Wha Wha What Next?


Nescafe created waves in the world of internet and advertising this month with it’s latest ad which poignantly tells the story of a stammering stand-up comedian. The ad revolves around how Rishi (the stand-up comedian) uses his weakness as his strength.

“Ek haklate hue comedian ki sabse badi taakat hoti hai ….. suspense”

He doesn’t shy away from his inability, he turns it into a skill and even raps his own name towards the end.

“Ra ra ra Rishi”

But what next? Does the Rishi campaign stop there? That wouldn’t be wise. It went super viral, and it would be foolish to not leverage it. So here’s the next idea from Nescafe.

They are searching for more Rishi’s in India, and want to share each of their stories with the world. So if you find yourself in Rishi’s place, wherein you have faced that uphill battle, broken stereotypes, overcame challenges and emerged victorious, then share it on Twitter with the Hashtag #ItAllStarts and Nescafe will select the top 50 entries. Nescafe is hush hush on what their plan is with these 50 entries, a TVC, another social media campaign, a book, who knows! But we at Mad Over Marketing, sure are waiting to hear more such inspiring stories.

Our take : A very promising campaign, which also has the potential to go viral. People love to hear true stories of struggle, and Nescafe sure knows how to tell them with an emotional punch.

Here are some of the stories till now :

Picture1 Picture2

Go ahead and share your story on twitter, with the hashtag #ItAllStarts.

5 thoughts on “Nescafe Nailed It With Ra Ra Ra Rishi, But Wha Wha What Next?

  1. Except for fairness creams ads maybe, how are any of today’s ads related to the product anyway 🙂 ? Ads today have changed a lot. They don’t stick an ad to a product anymore. Now they create a memorable ad and stick the product to it. And yes, of course it makes the brand more popular. It is good marketing.


  2. Seriously…has anyone who has a nice word about this Nestle buffering ad ever spent any time with someone who stammers?. Typically that guy already has a complex battle to fight….and he doesn’t need a nestle ad to make fun of him. Extremely insensitive ad that makes fun of a physical disability…what next nestle?…a spoof on suicide that your appreciative critics will watch with families that have lost members that way?


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