After Snapdeal, Now Amazon Trolls Flipkart As Well!

Flipkart has been running high since last week with it’s announcement of the ‘Big Billion Day’. It was a move to sideline all other e-commerce websites, a move to establish who the Big Daddy was in the Indian Ecommerce Space, but the day hasn’t been as smooth as they’d like.

Snapdeal, this morning trolled them, with a full size ad in TOI saying that “For other’s it’s a big day, for us, today is no different. Check before you buy”. Masterstroke!


Come evening and Amazon pulled one over Flipkart as well, this was much more cheeky. Go to and the browser will take you straight to


A kick where it hurts most. This is pure war, and this one is personal.

An eventful day for the ecommerce domain, and we at Mad Over Marketing are loving it. Go check, what are you waiting for!

17 thoughts on “After Snapdeal, Now Amazon Trolls Flipkart As Well!

  1. They pulled down the link. When I checked at 7 it was working.
    Okay, I can safely let spoiler out now. The link redirects to


  2. The domain is registered on Big Rock, rather than Amazon’s default. So, I guess it is done by someone else to troll Flipkart…


  3. This is a premium domain available for purchase on godaddy. Com. It would be available on other domain sellers too. You can purchase it for around 3 lakh. It was never pointing to amazon.


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  5. the link took me to 😉 and ya the flipcart sale was scam.. and even my friend ordered iphone5s from flipcart and it was secondhand and they didnt took it back


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