The Flipkart Circus, Summed Up In One Hilarious Article!

The Big Billion Day is finally over! Phew.

We at Mad Over Marketing, decided to do a quick round up of everything that happened yesterday, which is now considered as the biggest day in Indian E-Commerce history. Cause truly, a lot of shit went down yesterday.

For two weeks, everyone from Vir Das to my neighbour-aunty was shouting about the Big Billion Day. When Amazon’s chief honcho Jeff Bezos visited Bangalore last week, Flipkart greeted him with 30 huge-ass ‘Big Billion Day’ hoardings on the Airport-to-City connector. Subtle.

Then came the morning, and Snapdeal did this :


And then, right when the Social Media was going crazy over Snapdeal’s hilarious newspaper stunt, the Flipkart website crashed, leading to a social uproar last seen only during Apple’s Bendgate Scandal. Here are some tweets :

Screenshot_19 Screenshot_20 Screenshot_21Screenshot_24
Screenshot_26 Screenshot_27 Screenshot_28 Screenshot_29 Screenshot_30 Screenshot_31

Oh wait, we aren’t done yet. Come evening, Amazon was feeling a little left out. So they decided to buy the domain ‘’. Now everytime you visit, you will be redirected to Amazon’s website. A kick where it hurts most, they made it personal. A masterstroke indeed!

And while all of this was happening, everyone forgot what actually was happening on Flipkart’s website. HARDCORE SALES!

Within 10 hours, Flipkart achieved their target for the day when they hit a staggering $100 Million in Gross Merchandize Value!

In the lead up to the Sale Day, Flipkart co founders Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, sent this emotional email to all subscribers.


And by the end of the day yesterday, they sent another message:


Say all that you want, Flipkart got more out of this move than they ever thought of. Intense visibility, insane sales and a big finger in the face of Amazon. So much happened yesterday and BuzzFeed contributor Imaan Sheikh summed it all up pretty sweetly, and we’d like to end the same way she did.

Meanwhile at the Flipkart Office :


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7 thoughts on “The Flipkart Circus, Summed Up In One Hilarious Article!

  1. Achieveing the traget and sales is one thing.. but for sure what flipcart has lost is a good brand image. The sentiment around is not so good with #Bigbillionday


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