Here’s What’s Cooking Behind Kit Kat’s Diwali Endorsement!

True to its nature, KITKAT has once again used a contemporary event to reach out to it’s consumers. A few weeks back, all of social media was trending with M.O.M (not us, the Mars Orbiter Mission silly!). So what’s the connect?

The new KITKAT Diwali film is about a young Indian Astronaut who is in a space capsule for a prolonged period of time, away from home and family on Diwali!  The story unfolds with an emotional song reflecting her thoughts of being far away from home and how she is anxious and really missing everyone back there. It is in the midst of this hectic and monotonous routine when she decides to a take a KITKAT break and you must watch this video to see what happens next!!

For decades KitKat has been synonymous with ‘Breaks’ and has always urged people to take one and see the brighter side of life through its brand philosophy. For Diwali the brand wanted to send across an emotional message to one and all who lead a manically fast paced lifestyle, urging them to slow down, take a break and discover something pleasant which they would usually end up missing in the humdrum of daily routine.

According to us here are the few things that KITKAT did right:

  1. Timing – India’s achievements in space is still fresh in everyone’s mind, and Diwali is just round the corner, which will make this story relatable.
  2. Female lead – Reminds us that achievements of Indian women are not limited to ground.
  3. Sticking to the ‘break’ theme – In expressing an emotional story, many times the core message can be forgotten. However, the nostalgic ‘break’ which the astronaut experiences while having her KITKAT keeps the message intact.

    Till then, stay mad! And take #MyDiwaliBreak

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