Here’s Why Mad Over Marketing Ventured Into The World Of Selfies!


Instagram, is touted as the most popular social media app of 2014. In terms of active users, it has shown the highest growth, ahead of Facebook and Twitter. Instagram, initially beginning as an iOS only app, for all the gucci handbag owners to post their selfies with pouted red gloss lips, has spread like wildfire across Android and the Web, and is not looking back. With, the hand of God (Facebook) behind it as well, they are only going to grow.

We were reading a piece on Instagram, and it’s popularity, and we asked ourselves “Why the heck aren’t we on it?!” And it is the list of following crazy statistics which launched the presence of @madovermarketing_mom on Instagram!

User Statistics

There are over 200 Million monthly active users. We stress on the word active here. Many social media apps, have a lot of registered but dead users. Instagram, has high usage rate. Add to this 75 million daily active users. To put this into perspective, 13% of internet users across the world are on Instagram. Whoa, that’s a lot!

Target Market

We always try our best to post material which will register to all age groups, and we noticed that 16-26 is our most engaged user group on Facebook. On Instagram, 40% of users are in the age group of 16-24. A big opportunity to just let go.


We are all about posting content which goes viral. Over 20 Billion photos have been posted on Instagram, and 35% of users, log in multiple times a day. The Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding photo got 2.42 Million likes (hearts). If a wedding kiss of a socialite, famous only for being famous, can hit that number, imagine the potential of good content on such a platform.


An user spends approximately 5 hours in a month, scrolling on Instagram.
25% of Fortune 500 companies are marketing themselves on Instagram.
65 out of World’s Top 100 brands have a presence on Instagram.
Over 2500 brands are present on Instagram.
Top 50 brands have 1.5 Million followers each, on an average


More than anything, we as small-time aspiring entrepreneurs, look up to success stories like Instagram. At the time of Facebook purchase, Instagram had a meagre 13 employees. And they managed to get a valuation of $715 Million. This is what dreams are made up of, for a small group like ours.

Join us on @madovermarketing_mom as we bring our Marketing Madness on Instagram!

Check it out – Click here.

Source – 1) Totems List 2) Tech Crunch

Note : Beware of impersonators. A fake account is operating on our name through @madovermarketing. Please report this. 

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