7 Reasons Why English Is A Funny Language

Big B can talk English, he can walk English, he can laugh English, he can run English, because English is such a funny language. We agree. Here are 7 reasons why English is a vhery vhery funny language!

1) It’s not YOUR, it’s YOU’RE!


2) You run with your feet and smell with your nose. But your nose runs, and your feet smell. Say whaaaa?!


3) A fat chance is the same as a slim chance. Think you can understand why? Fat chance. Or should we say, slim chance!

slim chance

4) I decided to desert my dessert in the desert. And the dove dove and ate it. Ha!

i see what you

5) Double U is actually a Double V. The very basics are meant to confuse us.


6) Boxing Rings are Square, and a Guinea Pig is not from Guinea, neither is it a Pig!



7) A food server is called a waiter, even though it’s the customer who does the waiting. *Goes and jumps off a cliff*


Totally fried after reading this? So is Sushant Singh Rajput, apparently. Time for some MUNCHification.

This article is brought to you in association with Nestlé MUNCH.

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