A Naked Woman, The Fashion Police, And An Empowering Speech!

A question that has been confusing women since donkey’s age, “What the f*ck should I wear today?!”

We have come a long way, from dressing to please ourselves, to dressing to please others, to dressing to fit in. Yes, every fashion decision we take today is based on the thought, “will I fit in, will they like me, am i under-dressing, am i over-dressing?” The concepts are cloudy, and none of us know what’s right or wrong anymore. Women all over the world are “fucking exhausted with the pressure of dressing up”, just like Radhika Vaz.

She is a popular comedian and in this video for Fab Alley, decides to express herself, to say what she has been suppressing, and it all makes so much sense. She stands on the stage, in her birthday suit and delivers a monologue which is perhaps the strongest minute in the history of free speech. Well done Radhika, and kudos Fab Alley.

Leave your comments behind, about what you want to really express about the pressure of dressing up. We will share your story on our page as well.

2 thoughts on “A Naked Woman, The Fashion Police, And An Empowering Speech!

  1. UNfunny, UNreal and UNlogical (yes). Seems exactly like a marketing gimmick and that too a bad one. Also what was up with the fake laughing track? You are telling me that you can get a female comic (Indian) to get naked on the stage, but you couldnt found a real audience for it? Well then maybe your strategy is as shitty as her joke or whole speech was. Not at all empowering but boring and PRETENTIOUS !!


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