22 Brand taglines that fit perfectly on condom packets!

Most indian products create brand recall through a catchy tagline but when placed in a different scenario these taglines can convey something completely different. here are 22 taglines which sound hilarious when used for a condom brand!
Go ahead, ROFL!
Created by : © Kulzy-Ravi Sangal


mseal (1)



mcd (1)


Nike1nokia bajaj nirma gillet dettol ifindianbrandtaglineswereplacedoncondompackets7_1402655864 ifindianbrandtaglineswereplacedoncondompackets2_1402655808 cad article_8131201_025111 pepsi ifindianbrandtaglineswereplacedoncondompackets6_1402655854

4 thoughts on “22 Brand taglines that fit perfectly on condom packets!

  1. Wow, that is very marvelous, I love that idea, but in the real world they won’t produce those. for my suggestion;
    1. LifeStyle easy to buy in the market, but it is a bit expensive.
    2. Dulex this similar to LiftStyle as well.
    3. Soft Condoms, for a band you can buy only online, so the con is that it is hard to find in the market, but the price is cheaper than both bands above and it comes from medical expertise so 100% safe and well design.


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