The Super Bowl which is the most watched American Television Broadcast, is an advertiser’s paradise. It gets more than 120 Million Viewers. As a result, many high profile television commercials are broadcast during the game, at a very very high price ($4.5 million for a 30 second spot). Super Bowl aside, these ads have become a cultural phenomenon of their own. Many around the world (including us), tune in just to see those commercials. Given the stakes are high, these commercials are also of the highest quality. Some of the best ads of the year are super bowl products.

The Super Bowl 2015 is on the 2nd February, and we are here to track all the advertisement related developments for YOU! So you can sit back, browse this minute by minute updated tracker, and get entertained.

Here’s what is happening in 2015!

29th January, 2015

1. A group of women review superbowl commercials, and it’s a hilarious few minutes. The many ads with sexual innuendos might make it cringe-worthy to watch the game with family, and here’s a review of the same.

2. Budweiser created a emotional super hit of an advertisement last year, and this year they are coming back with it’s sequel. This unheard of friendship won many hearts last time around, and this time the expectations were even bigger. Here’s the heart warming sequel.

Our verdict : You can;t go wrong with puppies can you?

3. Yet another advertisement will return with it’s sequel and it’s none other than the beautiful “Like A Girl” campaign. The new ad has been kept all hush-hush and under the wraps. Here’s the spot from last year, just to take you down memory lane.

Our verdict : Female centered advertisements seem to be registering well with audiences, and are raking in a lot of positive word of mouth. After last year’s hit, this sequel too has that potential.

26th January, 2015

1. Victoria’s Secret finally launched it’s Super Bowl ad, and just like last time it is using the tagline ‘Let the real games begin’. This video, is everything you wanted it to be.

Our verdict : God bless the super-bowl.

2. While General Motors and Volkswagen opted to sit out this year’s game, Hyundai Motor Co.’s Kia will make its sixth straight Super Bowl appearance with a commercial starring Pierce Brosnan. This 60-second ad in the third quarter will promote the 2016 Sorento crossover. The Korean automaker is known for over-the-top creative that matches the scale and drama of the Super Bowl, and this year’s ad is no exception.

^Source : Lauren Johnson for Adweek

3. Bud Light takes a cue from it’s hit video last year, and does another social video. What would you do if you were offered a beer and asked if you were ready for whatever happened next? This guy accepted the challenge, and the results were pretty cool.

Our verdict : It’s a winner!

23rd January, 2015

1. Victoria’s Secret has been a feature on Super Bowl back in 2008 as well, and they are returning with 2 spots for this year’s Super Bowl. A 2 minute teaser already released, which is below. In addition they will have a 30 second spot on the Big Day itself. The teaser showcases Adriana Lima, Lily Aldridge, Behati Prinsloo and Doutzen Kroes playing some really sexy football.

Our verdict : It’s frikkin’ Victoria’s Secret, could have been more sexy.

2. This burger company, well known for showcasing sexually explicit ads has returned with an even more suggestive ad. Starring an almost naked model, each scene is filled with hilarious suggestions. Talk about shapes, talk about gestures, you see them all here.

Our verdict : This will bring more cringes than wows.

3. Dove has come back again with a spot which will touch your heart. This ad fathers and their redefining roles in the family is a heart-melter and quickly hits that emotional chord.

Our verdict : Repetitive by Dove, but will be a big eye-catcher because of the emotional content

4. BuzzFeed will release it’s first ever Television Commercial this Super Bowl, and yes, ofcourse it features CATS!

Our verdict : Too long, but will register well with the American Audience.

5. Skittles has come up with a teaser for it’s ad on the big day. It shows men with super strong right arms, and the communication reads “It will be settled”.

Our verdict : They have been successful in creating anticipation using the sporting metaphor, and the humorous promise by the ad director shows good potential for this brand.

6. Don’t look for the Phoenix skyline in Pepsi’s Super Bowl commercial. Look for the desert. Pepsi’s highly anticipated Super Bowl commercial — which will directly lead into the halftime show that it sponsors starring Katy Perry — is set in the desert and is littered with visual “surprises” of desert scenery and desert activity. Pepsi isn’t discussing more details of the 30-second commercial which, they say, will not be publicly revealed until it airs right before the 12-minute halftime show. For Pepsi, Super Bowl advertising and marketing is all about trying to stay culturally relevant.

“The Pepsi brand has been associated with these kinds of cultural moments since Michael Jackson moonwalked, this is our sweet spot.”  – Pepsi

^Source : USA Today

21st January, 2015

Want to know what the stakes are? Here’s an ad which features Anna Kendrick being angry because her Ad Spot was never broadcasted. Touted as one of the better ads over the last few years.

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