Another Twitter Splat : Stayzilla Trolls Oyo Rooms!

Don’t you love it when you see some good banter on social media? We’ve moved from people trash talking on Facebook photos to full fledged brand wars all over the web. Here’s one fun story that made us go like this :
aVZgTStayzilla and Oyo Rooms got into a fun twitter war recently. We compiled the best stuff to help you continue procrastinating ūüėÄ

So the story goes that Oyo Rooms used Stayzilla’s brand name on their Google Adwords copy in a move to steal traffic from Stayzilla. (Not cool guys, not cool)


The war cry started when Stayzilla introduced the (O)Yo Mama card. (Niiiiiiicely done)


Stayzilla had a Rs. 99 offer while Oyo Rooms had a Rs. 999 sale. The latter got trolled. And how. 2015-03-24 16-32-42 2015-03-24 16-33-09 Fun, right? But no trash talk is complete without some size jokes. 2015-03-24 22-17-09 2015-03-24 16-34-19

Oyo Rooms¬†finally came out of hiding…

…and decided to fight back. 2015-03-24 22-17-59


We kept thinking how they took four long hours to come up with that.

Anyway, Stayzilla continued. And frankly, they got funnier. 2015-03-24 22-17-27

Oyo Rooms replied with a “comeback” 2015-03-24 22-17-46

Wow. Burn?

Some more repartee happened.. 2015-03-24 22-18-10



Oyo Rooms finally bit the bullet and came out with a simple, honest and cheeky reply: 2015-03-24 22-18-44

Stayzilla decided to have the last word still: 2015-03-24 22-18-58

Witty, spontaneous and exciting. Exactly, how we like our social media. Gotta give this round to Stayzilla.

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