13 Things You Think About While Watching Noise Hour on Times How!

1. I never demanded an answer for this

2002. Can Sharmaji hear the debate too?

giphy (3)3. Not sure if I am watching this for the news or for the drama


4. Arnob is inversely proportional to ManmohanJi

giphy (2)5. Maybe after this I should watch some real news

26. Is he the guy who imitates Arnub from TVF?

37. I wonder who would win between him and Polly Bindra

giphy (4)8. Should I see an ENT specialist after this?

giphy (5)9. Is he the voices in my head?

10. That’s a lot of “Nevers” in one sentence.

200 (1)

11. Arnob invented Laugh Out Loud (LOL)

i see what you

12. #WhyArnobSoLoud

Nissan is trying to answer this question that the entire nation wants to know.

Check this video out, and stay tuned for more!



Why do you think Arnob is loud? Join the conversation with #WhyArnobSoLoud

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