9 Wacky Answers The Nation Came Up With To #WhyArnobSoLoud

The question #WhyArnobSoLoud has been doing the rounds of internet for the past few days, and social media users have come up with some hilarious responses to the question! Here are the 9 most wackiest ones:

1. Arnob’s apple is actualy Arnob’s amplifier


2. He got vocal training from Rajnikanth


3. Maybe Polly Bindra was his babysitter

unnamed (1)

4. He believes in words speaking louder than actions.

200 (1)

5. His mom played death metal to make him sleep

giphy (1)

6. The channel pays him in Rupees per decibel


7. He’s a closet aspiring Opera Star.


8. He coaches Raghu for Side Pocket Money


9. But hey! Nissan Sunny has a very cool reason to justify #WhyArnobSoLoud. According to them it’s because Arnob drives the spacious all new Nissan Sunny, a car with so much space that your voice will have to travel faaar.  Interesting, indeed!


2 thoughts on “9 Wacky Answers The Nation Came Up With To #WhyArnobSoLoud

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