It’s really difficult to let go of your dreams, but this aspiring cricketer finds a way to fulfill his lost aspirations!

Every once in a while, comes an ad that touches a special chord, an ad that you can relate to. The latest from OLX is an emotional ride into the story of an aspiring cricketer, who is unable to pursue his dream, and ends up pursuing it through someone else.

We won’t spoil the video for you, see it for yourself.

So what worked for the video?

Cricket Season : An advertisement themed on cricket, right in the middle of the World Cup – they got their timing just right.

Relatable Characters : A hidden dream, an un-pursued career option, and that long lost aspiration – all elements that most Indians born in 80s and 90s can relate to. The protagonaist is your common Indian man – grown up watching the game of cricket and aspires to be a cricketer, but straight up gets involved in his father’s work due to financial pressure. Know someone with a similar story? That’s how relatable it is.

Background Score : Music drives emotions, and the background score for this ad sure did tug at the right emotions. It’s a beautifully composed song by K Mohan from Agnee, that captures the mood well!

Clarity : The key message from a brand can get lost when a movie-like-video is made. But OLX avoided that and did justice to it’s core proposition. The story was in-line with the intended message and it comes across loud and clear. “Keemat bhi, kuch keemati bhi” – works well.

What didn’t work for the video?

Duration : Some editing, and voila, we have a winner!

This is what OLX has to say about the ad :

“The only way we can do justice to our forgotten passions, fulfilled & unfulfilled dreams and a large dosage of nostalgia is by, letting what we buy live, even after we have moved on”

So, whats’s that one precious possession of your’s that you just can’t let go? Leave us your answers in the comments.

Stay Mad!

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