5 thoughts on “Pandeyji | The Mad Man From Ogilvy Spills The Beans In His Most Candid Avatar Ever

  1. Who the hell is the interviewer?He’s giggling like a school girl who’s met her crush for the first time and asks the most amateur questions. Kudos to Mr Piyush Pandey to sit through this.


      • While you keep at it maybe try to work on that diction a bit? And lose the amount of times you say “like”. Then again, maybe not.


  2. I am surprised that you are even paying attention to me!! But since you mentioned it, I shall try working on it! Thank you 🙂


  3. Sneha. Stop being such a hater. Were you not loved as a child? While Jay works on his diction, why don’t you work on your tone & manners. Jeez.. I’m turning into you now Sneha. I think I hate myself. Let’s get empowered together by commenting on stuff on the internet. I digress. Such efforts are applaudable.


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