#ShameOnTimesNow Kicks #ShameInSydney’s Ass And How!

Following India’s World Cup semi-final defeat against Australia at Sydney, Times Now hosted a show where the Indian Cricket Team was showered with a whole heap of criticism. The show took liberal shots at the Men in Blue, repeatedly describing their loss as ‘humiliating’, and began to trend the hashtag #ShamedInSydney on Twitter.

That, however, turned out to be a bad idea as the Indian cricket team fans rose to the defence of the Indian team, and decided to trend #ShameonTimesNow instead.

Here’s the hilarity and nationality that ensued.

Source : Sportskeeda
screenshot-www.sportskeeda.com 2015-03-27 02-20-15



One thought on “#ShameOnTimesNow Kicks #ShameInSydney’s Ass And How!

  1. Times Now should be banned from airing..Newshour and Arnab Goswami are an embarrassment to Indians…the worst journalist ever to have come on Indian television..his parents should disown him…now how does it feels Arnab when people talk about you in this manner..I am not like this..but your immature antics and intorerable journalism(ashamed to call it so) should be deleted. You are the worst anchor..worst host and the worstest(it’s not a word but still applies to you) ever and forever.


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