The War Of The 21st Century Will Be Fought Over Water, And Here’s How You Can Stop It!

“Water, water, everywhere, not a drop to drink!” – Samuel Coleridge immortalized this phrase for children, but no one shut that tap.

“The war of the 21st century will be fought over water.” – Ismail Serageldin, kept repeating, but no one shut that tap.

Finolex, India’s leading manufacturers of PVC pipes and fitting, seems to have taken a cue, and launched a very special (and much needed) campaign for World Water Day. The organization has always taken pride in providing prosperity to farmers, by providing them with water, and this campaign is no different.

Finolex begun with a very interesting approach. They asked people a very intriguing question, their responses will amuse you but the last one will amaze you!

 So what’s the campaign about?

The campaign is a really simple one. Finolex is encouraging Indians to take a pledge to save water. Every drop saved through this effort, will be donated to the drought stricken region of Latur in Maharashtra.

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What’s the pledge?

The pledge is straightforward. Finolex has listed several everyday activities, where with minimal effort, we can make a significant difference. The user just needs to take a pledge to do the same on Finolex’s website, and share it on their social media to spread awareness. 2015-03-26 22-40-43This campaign has so far managed to save over 30000 Litres of water, and it will be donated to Latur in Maharashtra.

What makes this campaign different?

For years, we have been told to save water, but no one told us HOW? This campaign tell us how to do it in the simplest and easiest way.  So what are you waiting for, click on the link below and take that pledge!


One thought on “The War Of The 21st Century Will Be Fought Over Water, And Here’s How You Can Stop It!

  1. Every home must follow a simple way of stopping leaky taps,water storage containers and lastly all members take a pledge to stop wasting bath and drinking water


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