10 Reasons Why We Just Can’t Wait For The Pepsi IPL!

It’s that time of the year again, when the voice of Danny Morrison cracks you up, the smiling Preity Zinta calms your nerves, and those last ball finishes make you chew your fingernails.

Touted as India’s biggest festival, Mano Aur Ranjan ka Baap, the Pepsi Indian Premier League is back and we just can’t wait for it. Here’s why!

1. To see Chris Gayle do the Gangnam style!

..and to see Harbhajan do a Punjabi version of the same!
2. To re-live Amit Mishra’s stroll in the park of a run out


 3. To see Glenn Maxwell play insanely inhumane shots like these











Only to see Zaheer Khan and Surya Kumar Yadav better it!


ipl4 ipl8








 4. It’s the only place where the best of friends play against each other, and respect each other!

This is what AB did to Steyn.








 And that’s how Steyn showed his compassion









5. Because this is where the Samba meets the Pelvic Thrusts!


6. Because we all love some on-the-field controversy!

Like when Starc and Pollard got into this tussle

tumblr_n59g4okl2A1sfhcazo5_500 tumblr_n59g4okl2A1sfhcazo4_250tumblr_n59g4okl2A1sfhcazo6_500 tumblr_n59g4okl2A1sfhcazo8_250

Or when Andre Russel invented this new run up to a delivery, and left Shane Watson bewildered.


 7. To see some acrobatic level fielding by these super-humans!

tumblr_n4jzbrcmWC1rzl0gzo3_250 tumblr_n4jzbrcmWC1rzl0gzo2_250










 8. To see King Khan dance in the stands again!








Or to see Priety Zinta sulk in the stands


Only for her to get back to her bubbly self in post match interviews


9. To see these rockstars in their lightest moods!


 10. Because now you can crash the Pepsi IPL and create your own advertisement!

Pepsi is challenging each one of us to crash the Indian Premier League by making a 30 second Pepsi Ad, which they will air during Pepsi IPL. The rules are simple :

1. Make it fun
2. Make it epic
3. Make it uniquely Pepsi

If it’s good, they will take off their ad, and put your’s on air instead. BIG DEAL. We will be sending in our MAD entry, and you can too by clicking on the link below!

screenshot-www.crashthepepsiipl.com 2015-03-28 00-11-16

 Click on the links below to find out more details about this MAD opportunity

screenshot-www.crashthepepsiipl.com 2015-03-28 00-13-09screenshot-www.crashthepepsiipl.com 2015-03-28 00-12-35screenshot-www.crashthepepsiipl.com 2015-03-28 00-12-53

Mad Over Marketing, also wishes to extend help to your entries. Feel free to bounce off your ideas with us, and we can add some madness quotient to your content!


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