This Witty Banter Between Zomato and Amazon Is Winning The Internet! #AurDikhao #Zomato

If there was an award for the quirkiest brand on social media, Zomato would win that by miles! They are never short on quick jibes, bowls full of creativity, and that edgy marketing idea. Yesterday however, they faced some tough competition in the form of Amazon.

Amazon, which has been riding high on their successful #AurDikhao campaign, took a cheeky approach to strike a conversation with Zomato. We loved their idea, but we loved Zomato’s reply even more!

Check it out here! 2015-04-10 22-32-21

But that wasn’t all, Amazon retorted with yet another image (below), and twitter was swooning all over them .It’s lovely how a sporting banter was kept so clean and was a treat for us social media nerds! 2015-04-10 22-32-46

But you know what, there’s always a third brand which takes away the pie. Call it opportunist marketing, or anything, Flatchat sure did time this tweet well! Stay mad! 2015-04-10 22-33-42


And while you are going mad over marketing, might as well buy a tshirt which say that!


5 thoughts on “This Witty Banter Between Zomato and Amazon Is Winning The Internet! #AurDikhao #Zomato

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