9 Birthday Party Rituals From The 90s Which Will Take You Down Memory Lane

If you grew up in the 90s, then these 9 things which happened in every 90s birthday party will bring a big smile on your face.

1. Those fashion forward pointy party hats. Yeaaaaaaaah


2. Staring at that big chocolate cake. Or that ugly pink cream cake. And thinking in your head – oh come onnnnn just the cake already

giphy (1)

3. When the party’s about to end – find the friend’s mom and shamelessly say ‘Aunty I’m leaving’ #ReturnGiftsFTW


4. That mind boggling two minute frenzy when the ‘khoi bag’ went pop!
And then. Sheer disappointment on getting small erasers or toffees but that sense of victory on managing to grab a big foreign chocolate bar! Sometimes, this happened too 😛


5. While we’re on non Indian things. Getting that standard Toblerone chocolate from your firang cousins.


6. Birthday party menu – Cake, chips and rasna!


7. Distributing chocolate in school. And not wearing your uniform cuz you’re too cool for that on your birthday.


8. Passing the pillow. Punishment – dance! Rocking that game of paper dance. And being a sly lil fox in that game of musical chairs.


9. You never just sing happy birthday to you without a You Were Born In The Zoooo! And when you became cooler – Many Girlfriends Tooo Youuu      . And then mad laughter.

giphy (2)
But while we are at this discussion, a question comes to mind. If every friend is unique, then why celebrate the same way? Why not something new? Datsun has a cool and unique way of celebrating your friend’s birthday! Karo #KuchNayaShuru !

To know more about how you can be part of this process, check out their Facebook Page.


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