Dove Just Shut A Few Doors On Themselves By Asking Women To Choose Between Two Doors

Dove recently launched this new campaign called ‘Choose Beautiful’, where the ad sees women in London, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, San Francisco and Delhim choose between walking through two sets of doors labeled ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Average’. Here’s what happens next :


So basically, Dove is telling that if you think you are average looking, you have low self esteem. Whaaaaa?! Why can’t there be a woman, who is accepting that she might be average looking, and yet can go ahead and change the world. Dove has got this one a little mixed up, and has ended up explaining there stance more times that one.

Many have applauded their efforts to promote self esteem among women, which we are nowhere second guessing. The series of Dove ads, sure does has an empowering feeling to it. However, this last one seems to be a little bit over the line for a brand whose existence is dependent on women purchasing products to make themselves look more ‘beautiful’.

We guess it would have made more sense, that instead of Average and Beautiful, they could have used, Smart, Unique, Funny as traits of doors to walk in through. These are qualities which should lift anyone’s self esteem, and the communication by Dove could have taken this direction instead.

What are your thoughts on this campaign?


Dove wants women to choose which among the two categories they belong. Are they Average or Beautiful? No options for Smart, Talented, Inspirational, Kind, Generous, or the myriads of other adjectives that women can use to describe themselves.


One thought on “Dove Just Shut A Few Doors On Themselves By Asking Women To Choose Between Two Doors

  1. At first glance, I loved the Dove campaign/commercial. It looked way different than the conventional advertisements. I think it was a brave move from them which deserves applause.


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