These Creatives Supporting Net Neutrality Will Make You Go Save The Internet!

So we all know what Net Neutrality is all about, and we know that it’s bad for us. So what’s stopping you from being a superhero and saving the internet. No seriously, click here to save the internet and keep it as we have known it for the last 20 years!

If our repeated pleas don’t make you, we are sure the following graphics will urge you to.

1. TVF


2. The Couch Potato11149426_1571395306448904_215096244591438532_n

3. All India Bakchod


4. The Logical India (with Ajit Johnson)11150873_289373317853328_3371655949186216351_n

5. News Article


6. The Minimalist & The Logical Indian1410862_701310346665354_751722006845755504_o

It is extremely important, that we understand the severity of the situation, and act on it. Go and Save the Internet now!


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