This Friendly Banter Between Miller And Zomato Is The Wittiest Thing You Will See Today!

For someone who grew up in the 90s, and therefore a prime witness of the Cola Wars, it feels a little odd in the gut when two corporations acknowledge each other’s existence, let alone engage in friendly banter with each other on social media.

We were used to brands hurling rocks at each other hidden behind expensive television ad campaigns, but when they come out in the open and speak to each other, oh man, doesn’t it humanize them!

Brands took to social media to engage with their customers, but of late they are also engaging with other brands, which sets a pretty good viewing. Recently, Miller and Zomato got into a quirky conversation as well, which created a lot of buzz on Twitter, and had us go like this :


It all began with Zomato posting an update about their take on brands with a foodie twist!


 Miller – the premium beer brand was one of them. Zomato interestingly used Miller’s brand proposition of “It’s Miller Time”.



Miller’s witty reply began a wonderful digital rendezvous between Zomato and Miller.



Zomato apparently was swept off their feet, and without any hesitation asked Miller out on a date. Swag Level 1000.





But wait, it didn’t end there. Miller took the conversation offline, and sent two crates of Miller to Zomato’s head office in Gurgaon. (We want friends like miller too!)




And Zomato, they guzzled it up alright!




If any other brand is listening, this is how you do it!

4 thoughts on “This Friendly Banter Between Miller And Zomato Is The Wittiest Thing You Will See Today!

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