10 Things Which Happen Only In South India! *Energyyyy*

  1. Where is my seat? 

Blocking a bus seat through a window needs an innovation award. From using kerchiefs, to a towel, to a fruit, to a baby, to domestic animals or even a snake, to claim ownership of the seat is their style, Matchi.


  1. Come to a wedding and get celebrity aashirvadham (Blessings)

Of course we have our poojari’s and elders to bless us during auspicious times. But celebrity blessings! Now this is how we do it in the land of Lungis, Malli Poo girls and Tollywood.

Come to a wedding  and get celebrity aashirvadham (Blessings)

  1. Welcome to TASMAC – the perfect solution to all of life’s problems

Pubs, clubs and VIP parties? That’s not the way they chill in Tamil Nadu. Their style is long queues at the Bar counter with conversations varying from politics to tollywood, add a little chutney to the conversation and an item figure poster for taste. Cheeeeers machi.


  1. TVS 50 – Is it a bike or a car? 

Muthu, his wife Raani, their daughters Pavithra, Kavitha, Bhujjima and their son Suryakanth. And don’t forget the neighbours kids, Mani and Meghalai for support. Got a wedding to attend? Get on the TVS 50!

TVS 50 - Is it a bike or a car Yelaro Yearingae (enna ma nenga ipdi panr...

  1. The land that loves its animals 

Get your pet Goat, Hen, Calf, Duck, Cat, Dog and just hang them on the window bars. The bus is about to leave, so hurry and please check in your snakes in the basket with the conductor and put them under your seat.


  1. They hang out with our movie stars regularly

Every one of them knows a celebrity personally, and even have pictures to prove it. It’s usually a different celebrity every month, but they know them like they own them. How many of you have walked into a photo studio to take a picture with a celebrity cutout?


  1. Movie stars are revered and considered divine. 

3.jpg-large (1)

When we say “The Land of Temples” we actually mean it.

  1. Talcum Powder – a status symbol.

It doesn’t get fairer and lovelier than this. Talcum Powder is the last word in fashion in Tamil Nadu. The women glow brighter than the ‘Scorching’ sun in case you haven’t noticed. Sometimes, the men too.


  1. Syntax Tanks are a taboo 

They do not have over head water tanks on their terraces; instead they have luxury cars, helicopters and tanks. It’s called smart camouflage.


  1. This new energetic film for Tata Gluco Plus which brings out the true spirit of South India!

The culture and the simplicity of the beautiful south comes alive in this lovely film. An overcrowded bus, the joy of blocking a seat through a window, the energy of the south, and much more in a bus. Oops sorry, was that a plane?

Check it out!




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