M.O.M Review | Here’s a Look at How Apple Watch Is Marketing Itself

screenshot-www.adweek.com 2015-04-25 13-25-01

The Apple Watch is finally here, and with it’s launch, it’s first TVC is also here. While they may not have aired here in India, but we are right on top of it, to take you through them. Apple has come out with a series of ads, each with a different theme but one joining force – the practicality of the product. That’s where Apple scores really high on the M.O.M Review meter.

The ads are very less about the features, the specifications, the details, unlike how they have been advertising before. These ads are more about how the Apple Watch fits seamlessly into all our lives. It talks about how having the watch is just plain simple practical and how it will make our lives easier.

What are those things that the watch will make easier for us?

1) Commerce 2) Exercise 3) Relationships (yes, relationships too!)

The first ad is titled ‘Rise’ and it it shows how a user’s morning is made easier with the watch, how they get up with the watch, how they can open their stores with the watch and how they can transact business through the watch

The second ad is title ‘us’ and this one focuses on how relationships become more rewarding with the watch. Sounds so stupid when you read it, but the way it’s been depicted in the ad, you will actually want to fall in love for the sake of using the watch! (Or is that just the apple fanboy/fangirl  in us?)

The third and final ad titled ‘up’ talks about fitness. It shows how the watch gives you notifications to stand up every few hours, keeping you active.

Major Highlights :

1. Very nicely shot ads.
2. Talks about practicality more than features.
3. Ad is a lifestyle bait, which many users aspire to have.
4. Gives you a practical reason, rather than the ever existing emotional reason to own an Apple product.

What’s your review?


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