Here’s How Amul Created Magic In April 2015!

For all we know, Amul might be the best marketer India has seen. They have come a long way with their one liners which very cleverly give adulation to or mock a current event. This marketing madness, is something that you just can’t miss. Here’s a quick round-up of their best creations in April 2015!

1. When Fast & Furious 7 broke all box office records.


2. When Rahul Gandhi took a jibe at the Government.


3. When Kieron Pollard made a point, by not making a point.


4. When the prodigal son returned.


5. When the net neutrality concept took the internet by storm.


6. When they paid a tribute to cricket’s most elite TV commentator.


7. When Marathi movie screenings became mandatory between 6pm – 9pm.


8. When Deepika Padukone’s Vogue Women Empowerment Video went viral and everyone was spoofing it.


9. When Saina Nehwal achieved World Rank 1.



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