Shah Rukh Khan’s new ad Criticized by Businessman Raj Kundra!

For a while now, Frooti has been facing extreme competition from both Slice and Maaza. To get back into the market it decided  to rebrand itself. This included a change in packaging, a new brand ambassador and some ‘creative’ advertising. A part of the marketing campaign was this new ad –

But this new commercial featuring Shah Rukh Khan hasn’t gone down well with actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband and industrialist Raj Kundra. He took to twitter on 3rd may to express his disgust over the commercial.

Raj Kundra has been known for his controversies but this time it seemed like he was genuinely concerned about the importance of usage of words in commercials.The ad begins with the words, “push-it-a, pull-it-a, hitt-it-a, vroom-it-a, mov-it-a, shoot-it-a, leave-it-a. Though the portrayal of  the lyrics is rather innocent, many connotations can be derived from these words, and that’s what seems to have irritated Raj Kundra. He is the father of a two year-old boy and we can see where the concern is coming from.
He showed his discontent again through a few more tweets.

His reactions have got plenty of media attention now. Many SRK fans have taken it to heart. Insults and suggestions are being showered at the industrialist.
Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 7.13.57 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 7.13.44 PM
These are the nicer of the lot. Raj Kundra initially kept quiet through all this, but later said –

We think every individual is entitled to their opinion and we are glad that celebrities now have the courage to say what they feel is right.We would love to see what SRK has to say about this now.

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