Y U So Excited, Kapil Sir?

 The 1983-and-beyond phenomenon, Kapil Dev, has just made his debut on Twitter and boy, is he EXCITED!  


 A self-proclaimed non-tech-savvy person in the past, he has now decided to create a Twitter handle.

 He’s even posted a video about why he’s joined Twitter so late. Okaaaaay then!

 @TheRealKapilDev on Why He’s Joined Twitter So Late?


He didn’t stop at that. There are slightly intriguing and seriously entertaining videos that he’s been tweeting to all kinds of celebrities.

 @TheRealKapilDev to @KapilSharmaK9

 “Kapil, tujhe Bittu kehte hi theek lagta hai, ‘Kapil’ kehte thoda ajeeb lagta hai.”


 Kapil Calling Kapil, anyone? 😛


 @TheRealKapilDev to @msdhoni

 “Dhoni tum retirement le rahe ho? Kabhi nahi! Lena nahi chahiye tumne bade dil se team banayi hai!”


Tussi ja rahe ho Dhoni? Tussi na jao. *them feels*

 @TheRealKapilDev to @MirzaSania


“Hamare desh mein matr 300 ladkiyan Tennis khelti hongi, aur usme agar World Top 20s mein aajati hai, toh usse badi baat aur kya hogi!”

Ahhh, you go girl Sania. *more feels*


There is this mysterious new league that’s coming up, and no one seems to know what it is. KAPIL SIR, Y U GIVE SO MUCH SUSPENSE?


P.S: Kapil Paaji has Rs. 1 Lakh to give away! Yes, give away.

All you gotta do is click here, guess what this league is and TAKE THAT MONEY!



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