Pepsi Asked Consumers To Crash The IPL, And This Is How They Responded!


The IPL Trophy is not the only big prize that is in up for grabs this month – Pepsi has announced a Crash The IPL competition, where they’re airing 6 user made ads on national television!

The campaign has already unearthed some gems, but picture abhi baaki hai mere dost! YOU get to vote and pick the coolest of the ads that reach prime time TV!



PepsiCo made the idea a successful one, with their Doritos Crash The Superbowl Contest in the USA, and this is the first time that something like this is happening in India. This mad new idea of crowd-sourcing their (Pepsi) ad has gotten a lot of cheers in the country, and the entries have kept pouring in.

The reason this idea works is because the product category is close to the consumers, has high recall, and hence has higher potential for engagement. It’s a great idea to connect with the new age millennials, who drive a huge chunk of your brand story, and ultimately sales. The ads will be a reflection of the user’s association with the brand, and in a way is a great consumer insight.

IPL is the Indian Superbowl, and airtime during the biggest festival of India is a BIG BIG prize indeed. Such big airtime even makes the whole voting process oh-so-exciting for all viewers!

We hope the competition is here to stay, and trust us, it’s only going to get bigger!

We are featuring some of the popular entries, and it’s a mad mix of crazy fathers, a persuasive woman, in-love couples, almost the entire gamut. Which one are you gonna vote for!

1) The one with the double meaning – “Abhi?”

2) The one with the over-acting family – “Chill Papa”

3) The one with the out of the box thinking – “Sold”

4) The one with the ‘thappad se darr nahi lagta saab’

5) The one with the kaminey dost – “Buddies”

6) The one with the guy having a breakup party – “Joey doesn’t share food, and he doesn’t share Pepsi”

4 user made ads have already made it big on National Television, the fifth one will go live on the 9th May, and a sixth ad will go LIVE soon too! Who gets to decide this ad? YOU! Voting for the user-choice film begins on 8th May and ends on the 14th May.

If you’re Mad Over Marketing, you can’t NOT be a part of this!



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