Your Mom Is Special, Here’s A Beautiful Tribute To Her From Maggi. #MomKnowsBest

There is no one like our mothers. They know what you are craving for, before you do. They know what’s best for you, and they go to all ends to make sure you get what you want. She never lets you sleep hungry, even if that means she herself does. She never lets you know of her pains, because she knows it will sadden you. You take her for granted, because she lets you feel that you can. You snap at her, she never does. She still continues to love you more than the day before. There is no one word that can describe a mother. There is no one article that can do justice a mother’s feelings towards her child. If you stay with your mom, go hug her. If you are in different cities, call her. Just knowing you are thinking of her, will make her day.

Here’s a small tribute from Maggi to all mothers. Happy Mother’s Day!


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