Kapil Dev Knows How To Keep His League Abuzz, And How!

So Kapil Dev has been quite excited about this new league that he is introducing. The audiences were kept in suspense about what this league is, until the Indian Trading League was finally revealed last week!

Now, what caught our attention was not the league itself, but the way it’s been marketed. How do you take a product such as ‘Trading’ and use the digital medium to create engagement around it. TV ads? Print ads? Sure, they would work. But digital? Now, that’s a slippery slope for a trading league, wouldn’t you agree?

But, Kapil Dev’s Indian Trading League has been able to break free from the stereotype and is successfully riding the internet wave. #EkNayiLeague was trending on Twitter last week, when Kapil Dev posted videos conversing with MS Dhoni, Sania Mirza and Kapil Sharma. More recently, Kapil Dev sent a video to Amitabh Bachhan as well. The conversations that are building around these popular names are certainly creating a lot of buzz about Indian Trading League, and is a marketing master-stroke. The ability to reach out to users, without spamming them.

So if this is the reaction you want when you step into a room…



Get your game face on!

giphy (3)


And play the Indian Trading League!



Your trading skills can make you win upto 1 crore! Now wouldn’t that get you dancing?

giphyOh and brokerage fee? Only Rs. 20 per transaction. For more details on Indian Trading League, visit indiantradingleague.com



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