Another Startup War Is Brewing Between Zo Rooms and Oyo Rooms, And It’s Keeping Us Entertained!

Don’t you just love it when a brand outwits the other, and we get to see some witty banter between them. Of late we have had many of them, like the Witty banter between Amazon and Zomato, or the Twitter War between Flipkart and Amazon. In terms of young startups, Commonfloor and Housing fought it out too, and Stayzilla epic-trolled Oyo Rooms. but Oyo Room’s misery didn’t end there.

Get that popcorn ready, ’cause you’re gonna need it!

giphy (4)

Yesterday, when Oyo Rooms launched its mobile app, rivals Zo Rooms made the most of it. The idea was to completely ambush the event venue where the launch was taking place. On reaching the Oyo Room’s App Launch venue, guests were greeted with interesting Signboards and Standees from Zo Rooms (Zostel’s budget hotel aggregation wing).

The Ad-boards mainly spoke about Zo Room being the first one to come out with an app and congratulating OYO on following suit.

1. A cheeky welcome message to the hosts themselves

photo 4


2. Then a little something for all the guests heading to the launch.

photo 1


3. They didn’t stop there, they held their own “hospitality event” at the same venue.




By evening, Twitter was raging about this move by Zo Rooms and #ZoTroll and #OYOApp started trending.



Until Oyo Rooms finally came out of hiding!



They engaged in some banter of their own, thanking Zo for making free noise for them, and twitter was set abuzz again.






Witty, spontaneous and exciting. Exactly, how we like our marketing. Gotta give this round to Zo Rooms.

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