Mr. Modi Is Posing In China, And Twitterati Is Making Memes Out Of It!

No, he is not the foreign minister, he is still our Prime Minister. While he has made more foreign trips than what consultants manage to do in their entire career, he has been entertaining us all through. No one can forget the charm exuded in Madison Square Garden, and the one liners which followed. He is currently visiting China, and is giving us enough to tweet about, even from there.

He visited the Terracotta Warrior’s Museum, posing as he toured, and Twitter went gaga over it. Here are a few gems : 2015-05-15 16-38-26


2. 2015-05-15 16-38-42


3. 2015-05-15 16-38-59


4. 2015-05-15 16-39-15


5. 2015-05-15 16-40-24


6. 2015-05-15 16-41-33


7. 2015-05-15 16-42-08


9. 2015-05-15 16-42-52


10. And then ScoopWhoop made a few memes of their own! 2015-05-15 16-43-15 2015-05-15 16-43-28


Oh Modiji, keep the swag running.


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