Stop Looking Any Further, The Most Marketable Selfie Is Here!

The picture which is being touted as the most ‘powerful’ selfie, in indeed the most ‘marketable’ one.

Modi is in China, and is continuing to make news from there. Our Prime Minister (no, he is not our Foreign Minister), first set the internet on fire when he suspiciously touched things in a museum in China, and then followed it up with this marketing stunt.

Modi was visiting the Temple of Heaven and was in deep conversation with Chinese Premier, Li Keqiyan when all of a sudden :



That’s right, he stopped right there, and stuck his phone out to take this very marketable selfie! 2015-05-16 16-34-35 (1)


Together, these two represent 2.5 Billion people. Which means 1/3rd of humanity can relate to this picture. This is one hell of a marketing master-stroke by Modi, as by getting the Chinese Premier Li Keqiyang to grin like he did, he has taken a step forward in Indo-Sino diplomatic relations. What, you are laughing? How can a mere selfie be a step ahead? Folks, a country where the Premier’s birth dates are a state secret, where you don’t get to see them on social media, and their personal lives are kept secrets, this indeed is some candidness on Li’s behalf.

While we are still waiting for this picture to find it’s way into a marketing stunt by some brand, we are still guessing if it will become as iconic as the famous oscar selfie below :
giphy (1)

Narendra Modi then went on and tweeted the photo : 2015-05-16 17-07-51

That’s right, ‘It’s selfie time with bae’.


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