Stayzilla Just Trolled Housing’s CEO, Rahul Yadav! Oh The Subtlety!

If you have been reading a lot about Stayzilla, Housing, Zo Rooms and Oyo Rooms in the news lately, it’s no coincidence. This industry is up and running, and with it the fierce competition too.

Only a month back we saw this epic troll that Stayzilla pulled off on Oyo Rooms, and now those witty brains are at it again!

This is a timely jibe at a certain founder who has been in news for all the wrong reasons lately, Housing’s CEO, Rahul Yadav. Doesn’t he look happy about it?


Stayzilla very subtly showed us that there are #2KindOfEntrepreneurs and we have it all covered for you.

1.  “I don’t think you guys are intellectually capable enough to have any sensible discussion anymore. This is something which I not just believe but can prove on your faces also!” – Rahul Yadav

2. “After some frank and healthy discussions with the Board I have agreed to withdraw my resignation and I apologize for my unacceptable comments about the board members.” – Rahul Yadav

3. Then, this followed. 2015-05-19 00-17-59

4. A nasty resignation email, a subsequent U-turn, controversial profile picture on Facebook, pledging all of his shares to employees and then challenging Olacabs and Zomato CEOs to give away half of their shares to employees—Rahul seems to be in no mood to stop. Or wait, is he a marketing genius? (Naa..)

5. We saved the lightest of the jabs for the last. Are you tired of seeing a Housing billboard everytime you ‘look up’?

We are wondering what he will do next, but if it brings out some more brand banter like this, Mad Over Marketing definitely does not mind it!


6 thoughts on “Stayzilla Just Trolled Housing’s CEO, Rahul Yadav! Oh The Subtlety!

  1. Rahul Yadav was not IIT dropout, he was a complete failure. His shares were not transferred and worth nothing.
    Check reality and background of Rahul Yadav’s stunts:

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  3. Stayzilla has been profound in their marketing efforts. I loved their paper motion ad, very few brands in India are open to experimenting when it comes to advertisements and Stayzilla is one of them. 🙂


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