There’s a Whole Lot Of Energy In The Latest TATA Gluco Plus Ad!

This fantastical advertisement opens with the melodious tune of Malgudi Days, and the harmonious throwback sets the mood for what quickly unfurls into an organized chaos. The musical ad-film sees a vintage bus converted into an aeroplane, which they call the ‘Airobus’ . When it lands in a small town that appears to be somewhere in Tamil Nadu, every person waiting in sight rushes into it, much like the local trains in Mumbai.


They use everything from handkerchiefs to fruits to block their seats in the Airobus. With the hustle-bustle of passengers settling in, and exchange of hilarious glances between the driver and the conductor (yes, it appears to be a conductor selling tickets rather than an air hostess or steward ushering in passengers)…


….the mood is set for the ride, but the Airobus refuses to start! That’s when the TATA Gluco Plus Instant Energy kicks into action, and a young group of boys, energized by the drink, come running and push the Airobus up up up into orbit!

What this ad has manged to do well, is to break away from the clutter. With a very distinguishable background score, and a larger than life theme of an Airobus, the recall value of the ad is high. It’s one of those Ad films which you can watch with the Audio off and still understand end to end. The conductor too, scores a LOL with us with his acting chops.

In terms of product alignment, they have been able to create freshness and energy in the ad-film, which is exactly what the product offering is – ‘No gas, only real energy’. So full points there as well.

If there was something missing, we feel the ad could have been a tad bit shorter, just to keep the audience that much engaged.

Here’s the ad film, be ready for some energy coming your way!


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