Generalizing Men As Rapists Is Not Right, And These Posters Say It All

This #BlameOneNotAll campaign by Mintified aims to remove the generalization of men as rapists. Generalizing the other gender, is not right.
Not all men are rapists. Not all men abuse their significant others. Not all men actively oppress women. And these posters say it all.


11033104_1584489688505085_8061787450636005006_n 11265452_1584489391838448_1779450816422434805_n 11267736_1584489751838412_8949370108325541838_n 10404315_1584489335171787_3300814790427625282_n 11136756_1584490038505050_7314457005253645404_n 11053931_1584489911838396_1205437921554674383_n



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