A Video Showing The Evolution Of The Bikini, What Could They Possibly Be Advertising About?

We have seen a plethora of ads. Ads which are brilliant, and ads which make no sense at all. Ads which you remember, and ads which you can’t forget even if you try to. But every now and then comes an ad, for which till the very end you cannot guess what the brand being advertised is. Most of our deo ads obviously.

Now here’s an ad which is talking about the evolution of bikinis. It shows a model (she’s beautiful, isn’t she), taking you through the many stages of bikinis from 1890 to 2015. The famous polka dots to the ever popular two piece. But is she advertising a bikini? No!

Check out the video first.

So ‘breathless resorts’ is into a very unique resort business. It’s an all adults resorts. The last bit of the ad, where the model went almost topless was the hook. Here’s what Adweek said about the ad :

“This resort is an all-adults escape that is intended to save your vacation from the tyranny of other people’s children, while also saving those in monogamous relationships from the sort of talk they’d have to have before heading off to other adults-only places like Hedonism Resorts—designed for swingers.

But that doesn’t mean they still can’t imagine the sort of naughty adult fun that might happen at a resort called Breathless whose the advertising involves a woman almost going topless. The vacation possibilities, like the ad, will be too titillating for many to ignore.”

Heading there soon?


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