If Game Of Thrones Characters Were Disney Cartoons Here’s What They Would Look Like!


Brazilian artists Fernando Mendonca and Anderson Mahanski, have created these fantastic Disney inspired Game of Thrones posters. Good enough to get us going for next episode of Season 5 today!

1. Tyrion, our favourite character!


2. I’m a Rastafarian Targaryen, I got a lotta dragons, and they’re a very scarian’



3. I’m the queen!11041159_10153725944379186_4341465529526917309_n


4. Stay away guys.11129922_10153725944424186_8419259614827439001_n


5. The Hound and Aarya!11175013_10153725944414186_6323561273360952003_n


6. Hodor.11140381_10153725944389186_1912363549739033424_n


7. You know nothing, Jon Snow.11011024_10153725944439186_1722413365756599561_n



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