20 Greatest Ads Which Use Sexual Innuendos To Get Their Message Across!

1. No pop ups and no ‘members only’.11401356_923580927707842_2609978672191229039_n

2. This lube ad which takes you a second look to understand.




3. When Durex wanted to advertise their XL Condoms.11141210_894367170629218_8507071039574478344_n

4. Indigo tried to be a bit cheeky here.

5. Wham Bam, Thank You Ma’am?10513462_733149566750980_7583712860104722558_n

6. A fertility clinic in Australia placed this ad in FHM that caused the magazine’s pages to stick together. When unstuck, the pages revealed a woman posing in lingerie, along with the line, “Don’t waste your sperm.” The message being—donate it at the fertility clinic instead.10356308_728501373882466_288279968284953796_n

7. You mow the lawn, the yard looks bigger. Phillips trying to showcase the benefits of trimming the hair down there.10172627_706435599422377_3587072289380475951_n

8. AIAIAI Headphones always wants to look sexy.1476169_617272651672006_957486621_n

9. Honesty is the best policy1391981_612078605524744_1386223600_n

10. Very controversial, but very very impactful.555250_458426230889983_787567903_n

11. Save the missiles for the bedroom.540816_455996377799635_1944507476_n

12. Because she cannot ignore the Axe affect.

13. The most controversial ad of our times, but we have to say, truer words were never spoken.486485_495243510541588_255472528_n

14. Don’t you just hate it when someone turns you on, and leaves you?430355_305993302799944_1252392557_n

15. If this doesn’t get Air India customers, we don’t know what will.429199_298894630176478_369375344_n

16. The times, they are changing.402720_407000632699210_902741846_n

17. Guilty as charged.391463_386286131437327_244785115_n

18. Sometimes, you need to read between the lines.387150_386734574725816_1474193933_n

19. You can last long, really long. Get it?376200_381897801876160_97125392_n

20. Ya well, that happened.8003_368142683251672_1656464608_n


15 thoughts on “20 Greatest Ads Which Use Sexual Innuendos To Get Their Message Across!

  1. I don’t understand how can ads that brutally objectify women be considered great. M.o.M being the platform that it is, its appalling to see a mention of such ads without any criticism towards this sheer disrespect of women.

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    • And the mindless feminism begins! It’s a natural thing you know, being attracted towards women. And btw, waitresses do flirt with male customers just to get a decent tip. I have never heard anyone say anything against that. The only thing feminists are good at it is getting butthurt about everything.


      • What do you mean by mindless feminism? No one denied people get attracted to women. Its rather a personal affair. Moreover, why the hell should you emphasis on women’s body and sensuality to show attraction? Can I add a photo of a woman very dear to you in such provocative manner? Will you permit me? Men like you are the sole reason mindless feminists exist. Do you understand? STop this body shaming and image personification through such images. Insensitive brutes everywhere!


      • My reply is actually to Bhoomi. To ask a male’s permission to print images of women dear to him in itself is against gender equality. Do you believe women cant make decision on their own.


      • What nonsense are you talking? Tradition? do you even know the meaning of tradition? If you don’t know, I suggest, you please read up on things before making such lose statements on a media where learned people can view. This is directly reflecting on your ethics and tradition. *Know your facts before you talk*


  2. Hey, sex sells and has always sold. It’s a fact advertisers know very well. Their goal is to get people talking and one of the ways to do that is to provoke a response, either positive or negative (because all press is good press). I thought these ads were quite clever, although some were not so obvious at first glance. Don’t get mired down in venting your outrage at this list. Just consider it a case study in human nature and move on.


    • What the hell do you mean by sex sells? even if it does, why should you add women’s provocative images? this is a classic example of objectification. if you think these ads are clever, you will also feel that abuse, prostitution and rape are clever. Think before you make such lose statements. I’m studying your human behavior just by analyzing the stupid remark you have made. Don’t take my reply seriously. It’s just an analysis of your character.


    • You said it. These are made to attract customers. How can one use women’s body and sensuality to advertise a product? Isn’t it personal? This is not a trivial matter. it’s down right atrocity. Can I pay you a good amount and show your body in a provocative way on huge billboards? or use one of your female friend’s or sister’s? Will you be okay with it? I don’t think so. These are matters of concern. I don’t think you will ever understand because you have made this issue a per say issue.


  3. @Bhoomi There is no need to be that aggressive and there are a few facts to be considered:
    1. this ad is not to offend anyone
    2. These commercials are actually clever (I don’t know how did you concluded “abuse, prostitution and rape are clever” with the same logic)
    3. There is No body shamming in any of these ads
    4. Every woman and man is free to take there own decisions [No PERMISSION from anyone else is required]. And the models took the informed decision being completely aware of what they are posing for. And I am sure they were paid well.
    5. If women’s body and sensuality are being used then Men’s sensuality and desires are also being targeted, If that makes you happy.
    6. It’s creativity used for business you can take it in healthy manner.
    when you are strictly following any -ism, you see everything in that perspective only. Instead one can try to be rational and appreciate light-hearted everything.


  4. @Satya
    None of what you said is a “fact”. Look up the difference between a fact and an opinion.
    1. An action is judged not just by its intention but by its affect. Most people are well intended, that doesn’t mean they don’t cause distress to one another.
    2. No one is discussing whether they are clever adverts. The topic is roughly whether these adverts are objectifying women. Whether something is clever or not does not absolve it of criticism.
    3. Eight out of the nine women in these adverts adhere to a very uniform idea of beauty (the ninth being a nun, whose body you can’t see and is a presented comically rather than sexually). Body shaming isn’t just pointing at a fat person and laughing – it’s also about entirely omitting certain body shapes from our culture. What affect do you think it has on, for example, a chubby twelve year old girl growing up in a city surrounded by sexualised images of happy, desired women all looking very similar in their proportions? This isn’t just a female thing by the way. Advertising has very narrow presentations of what men should look and behave like too. Both are damaging.
    4. The models made their choice, yes. So your logic is, if a person is willing to do something, that thing is without criticism? Adverts like these are seen by tens of thousands of people, perhaps more. I live in a big city, and a democracy; do I not have a right to be part of the discussion as to whether I’d be happy having advertisements like this every hundred metres? There are some cities in the world that have banned billboard advertising (eg. Sao Paolo, 11m residents). I think that’s interesting.
    5. I’m not sure I understand this point. I will say, I am a man, and I think the way men are presented in adverts is just as damaging and limiting.
    6. Your viewpoint is that you are rational…The thing is, everyone thinks they’re rational. No one thinks they’re wrong, but everyone is wrong a lot of the time. The world is just too complex to get it right all the time. People know about things you don’t know. People have had experiences you haven’t had. And you have had experiences they haven’t had. It’s good to be humble, and learn, and be curious as to why someone might be so angry about this.
    When was the last time someone changed your mind about something? When was the last time you said, “Sorry, you’re right, I hadn’t thought about it like that.” When was the last time you entertained the idea you might have something to learn from someone who has a totally alien opinion to yours? I think this is actually not too dissimilar to your point about “-ism”s.


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