From Porsche To BMW – 19 Greatest Car Ads That You Have To See!



1. When BMW trolled Jaguar

2. In case you need a hint, it begins with F. 424973_282965455102729_754959891_n

3. The genius of this ad is, that it was made by a student.486237_439840119415261_725743817_n

4. An all terrain vehicle which can parked just about anywhere.1185289_572877272778211_656467965_n

5. This interactive campaign infused a lot of zeal to go try the Zest.1908057_767866116612658_1578775603888105096_n

6. Talk about using real estate wisely. 10346181_745426872189916_978273292843008048_n

7. This hilarious user made ad for Tata Sumo.10351377_766745463391390_2039572874612676034_n

8. True, unless you get lucky. 10418501_763163583749578_4704374169445582722_n

9. When Porsche exuded this God Level Confidence.10532399_753998101332793_7965297247169555746_o

10. When FIAT made a shame and got a fitting reply.10553621_756268984439038_1226428008525927947_n

11. *Conditions Apply10606532_769949636404306_2693087286705737180_n

12. Beatles. Abbey Road. Brilliance.10620814_765736436825626_3035643957600218326_n

13. Baggage Allowance? What’s that.10672358_771985596200710_8116512153430847448_n

14. Guilty as charged




15. 9 out of 10, ofcourse they aren’t perfect.10898028_849446921787910_2249591220243961436_n

16. Score.10931008_849446931787909_1921138581152991627_n

17. As fast as the waiters in our desi dhabas.11011035_898237310242204_5550927945578940295_n

18. You don’t say!11108215_902859889779946_8657502888110055181_n

19. The censor board has always been busy.11147074_923581294374472_8256565008004831923_n


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