If Popular Brands Had ‘Game Of Thrones’ Style House Banners, This Is What They Would Look Like!



1. Likers of the comments, and sharers of the viral.

2. Tourers of the City of Mereen and Dorne.




3. All the slaves that Queen Danaerys freed.enhanced-buzz-27221-1400117594-8

4. In the game of social media, you either tweet, or you die.enhanced-buzz-29631-1400117631-18

5. Bearer of the knowledge, and the Maester of Wisdomenhanced-buzz-24773-1400117323-5

6. Where the owner is the Master of Coin.enhanced-15000-1400118341-1

7. Makers of the gadgets and third of their name.enhanced-5735-1400118293-1

8. Because Tyrion drank up all the wine.enhanced-buzz-27320-1400117336-5

9. Because Sam killed a White Walker.enhanced-23821-1400118245-1

10. Because Tyrion drank all the Starbucks too.enhanced-buzz-29563-1400117355-13

11. The North Remembers.enhanced-buzz-11530-1400117182-8


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