18 Witty Newspaper Ads Which Are So Good, It Will Leave You Awestruck!


1. This ad is so dumb that it’s brilliant!10171657_700449330021004_6848267340582203449_n

2. When Snapdeal trolled Flipkart on their Big Billion Day!



3. Regional newspapers have bad ink quality, and often the darker colours leave prints on your fingers. Tata used this to their advantage, to communicate about their 24×7 Road Assistance Service, saying ‘don’t get your hands dirty, call us’.

4. This fake ad with so much honesty, even Gandhi seems corrupt.528618_389171991148741_1358495070_n

5. Sometimes you need to engage your readers402867_401274376605169_1300026466_n

6. Talk about making the most of whatever real estate you can get.427987_458729980859608_89758019_n

7. Lets just say, in 2009, Americans weren’t the only ones happy to see former President George W. Bush leave!550058_466559566743316_438365946_n

8. Yet another time when TOI trolled itself, by putting a photo of the Brazilian Ronaldo, when they actually meant Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

9. Ad placement level 189829.21759_478496208882985_171385785_n

10. When GoT did this shadow advertising in British newspapers announcing the advent of their new season. Valar Moghulis.734359_485641921501747_1457882012_n

11. Someone give this ad a medal.1474585_628328103899794_1949241539_n

12. When Durex had God Mode on.


13. When Kim dumped Kris Humphries after only 72 days of marriage, and then married Kanye.

14. Fevicol put this crossword in leading Indian dailies on Independence Day.

15. This sure did give all readers enough Zeal to go check out the Zest.1908057_767866116612658_1578775603888105096_n

16. Even Tendulkar couldn’t time it better. This was printed on the day the results of the General Elections were being announced, when Modi overthrew the Congress rule. Some burnol for Soniaji please.10628175_772148649517738_8744850828825645221_n

17. When the iPhone 6 was going through the Bend-gate issue, someone used newspapers to troll them.

18. This sneaky ad placement by Hindu in a TOI issue which caught everyone’s eye.1972549_925947720804496_3817022761811170323_n

So who said that the print media was dead? Think again.



10 thoughts on “18 Witty Newspaper Ads Which Are So Good, It Will Leave You Awestruck!

  1. Another brilliant print ad was by Volkswagen sometime back when they put an audio device which played a recorded track.


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