15 Creative Bathroom Ads Which Show You Can Let Your Imagination Run Wild Just About Anywhere

1. The Hot Sauce is so hot, it’s hot breath can be used to dry your hands.


2. If the Colgate Salt Ad had a clickbaiting headline.




3. “We are like this only”

4. Because everyone’s human.10931496_851645481568054_698261671028585294_n

5. If you know what we mean 😉559689_322832664449341_1293689460_n

6. Spider Man, Spider Man, Spins a web anywhere.532586_373795076019766_1149053497_n

7. Someone took ‘caring’ a little too seriously.29586_449791025086837_325697109_n

8. Some of us are born to create drama – Young Director’s Award10354997_718353108230626_6986264669657051946_n

9. This shocker from back in the day.10632818_764961783569758_5541997388085225377_n

10. Something feels unusual.536582_318719501527324_204954319_n

11. They showed the effects of using paper very wisely.a379_Trees

12. There’s never a bad time to play some football. a379_soccer

13. A jeweler placed an image of his product on the mirror.a379_jewelry

14. Make sure you are not short of fuel though 😉a25a+8inA.D

15. Brilliantly executed.world-wildlife-federation-super-smart-eco-ad-campaigns

Who knew advertising would follow us into our bathrooms as well.



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